Innovative Farming Technology

Innovative Farming Technology

Innovator of this technology basically a farmer, also involved in trading of insecticides, pesticides etc.When he saw bad effects, death of farmers while using these harmful inputs, my own health also badly affected, suffering till now, so gave up this business, and made a commitment with myself that I will not sale or use these inputs in my agricultural crops. Start tries to find any solution to replace these inputs. Consult with scientists, but no way they can suggest to me, when I start experiments at my farm, neighbouring farmers said me ‘HALF MAD’, but I don’t care their words.

Got success in 2003-04, start to give demo, awakening programs with farmers about merit and demerits of pesticides etc. but some powerful companies taken it against them, they approach police and police booked me u/s 420, but Honorable court found that this is falls case so declared me NO-GUILTY.

I clearly accept that i hate these companies and their products, so don’t stop my research, few farmers were supported, but many were not agree with me, was try to train them, and told to many farmers about my research, given complete formula, made request before them to prepare their own formulation at their farm-side, but not.

It was very tough time for me, but these problems could not able to stop my commitment, so take a decision that I will manufacture as a product, will sell to farmers away from my area, so arrange Rs.15000/- {in 2005} purchased packing material, herbs from Delhi. This is not my aim to do business; I want to show the power of nature, to prove that our natural therapy is able to send away all poisonous inputs from our agriculture. Sold up to 35 ltrs, and given as demo about 30 ltrs. While the good performance of my innovated products many farmers were satisfied.

Organized a meeting with my friend farmers and offered to them my technology, but they were not agree to prepare himself, they suggest to give ready to use product. So changed my planning, new plan was that will sale as product—earn some money [because I am very small farmer, no source of funds], when farmers will satisfy with natural herbs’ power, then I will start awakening /training program. This planning got successful.

After finding innovation award in 2007 farmers and scientists start to give support to my innovated technology. Krishi Vigyan Kendra – Kaithal given moral and technical support, conducted trials at KVK, after finding the best innovation they told to farmer. National Innovation Foundation [NIF], Ahmadabad [] given full support while good innovation, NIF made a survey between farmers, after satisfaction they provide financial assistance. Even officers of Rashtrapati – Garden satisfied after trials and purchased my products for garden.

Hence, thousands of farmers in many states are agree with me, many youth join hand with me, prepare a team, and train them so that they can train farmers. Today I and my technology have name and fame, good faith between farmers, we are organizing farmer training camps at farmer’s site to prepare safe and effective formulations without cost with natural herbs, cow urine etc. we are doing it at small scale because we have no support from government or others.

We arrange funds from selling some inputs to farmers and spend this in training camps, provide technical knowhow and also provide herbs at training camps.

My theme of work as written above that I haven’t set up any NGO because I feel unable to get any assistance from government bodies, so adopted new idea’s — to train farmers, to conduct awakening programs, it needs money, so set up manufacturing unit, selling ready to use inputs to farmers. This idea given very positive results, helped me to go to more farmers, to know farming problems, this made me FARMER SCIENTIST. Hence we don’t look for any financial assistant from government or others. My invented inputs are widely accepted by farmer community, good source of income, name and fame. So farmers joining with me, our awakening programs are successful. More and more people gathers while training camps, many farmers are trained, preparing some formulation at their farm side.

Farmers from other states were listen about me, invited many times, as Madhya Pradesh, last year [2nd January,2011], after finding positive results farmers from Chhattisgarh also invited to train, to tell how we can do safe farming without using chemically, poisonous input, without damaging our fertile soil and how we can find more per acre yield on low farming cost. Sent my son with another train person on 4th, January, 2012 as information found from Chhattisgarh, farmers are very excited about my innovated technology.

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