Kamaal Clamp

Some words from Punjab Agricultural University-Ludhiana

“In the absence of additional land for cultivation and to meet the growing demand increasing population of India, vertical growth in agriculture through intensive system is inevitable. This put a tremendous pressure on nutrient supply capacity of soil for witch native soil fertility cannot fully meet the nutrients needs of crop. Addition of nutrients through fertilizers thus becomes indispensable for sustaining the production of crops at high yield level. Further the continuous use of high analysis chemical fertilizers and decrease recycling of crop residues and manures induced nutrient deficiencies, particularly of micro nutrients and adversely affecting the Sustainability of agriculture production. A new brand of  product “Kamaal-Clamp” was provided by Krishico Herbolic Laboratories now called as Arable Agri Science Pvt.Ltd   for evaluation in wheat crop .

Result – The application of differential rates of “Kamaal-Clamp” along with recommended fertilizers is found to have slight beneficial effect on ear length, number of grain/ear, 1000 grain weight and grain yield of wheat. This may be attributed to the chemically composition of “Kamaal-Clamp” which contains beneficial micro nutrients like, boron, Zinc and copper etc .

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