Contribution of the Innovation

Contribution of the Innovation

This is the main objective of any new innovation; it may be useful and beneficiary to human kind. I am trying to explain shortly about this part. “In the absence of additional land for cultivation and to meet the growing demand of increasing population of India, we are going to face a problem to full-fill the demand of grain, sugar, vegetables, fruits etc, but we can see that we have no more agricultural land, thousands acres of this cultivatable land is used in roads, residential purpose, SEZ, and other non-agriculture field. How can we full-fill the growing demand? Crop cannot grow on sky, not in factory/sez, colony. There is only one solution in this condition that we have to work to get more per acre yield, without damaging our soil, [as we are doing this time in the name of “Harit – Kranti”.] We need “Natural – Kranti”. I have tried in this way, and got 7% to 18% more yield per acre (different crops and conditions). It is a record, nor any other therapy/system with us. But my innovation is clearly proved that we can find more per acre yield to full-fill the growing demand of agricultural products. In other hand-financial preview of farmer. My innovation is proved that per acre cost is reduced up to 47%. It is more beneficiary to farmer community.

Human Friendly

The unbalanced use of chemically agro-inputs is caused many incurable diseases as cancer etc, so it is the need of present time to avoid poison based inputs, my innovation is able to replace the harmful poison based inputs in agriculture. So it is human friendly innovation. My innovation is environment friendly, as we can see pesticides etc are badly affected our soil, water, air, even milk of mother is not safe. My innovation not contains any harmful ingredients, fully safe for environment. [To know about ingredients used by me please see report of Punjab Agriculture University.]

Impact on Society

This is an innovation for safe farming, as I have given all related details above. If we see the impacts on society, there are many impacts we found. First it is a economy innovation, save up to 47% cost of farmer, if farmer will get more benefit from his crops, he will spend this money to market to purchase various house hold or other product. This factor will help our economy. Also help to create employments in villages so it stops fly people to cities from villages. My innovated products creating employments to villagers, unemployed youth, about 35 youth are working/selling my products to farmers [direct selling], earning very good income. If a person is well employed in any field he is free from all negative thinking. This factor helps to stop crime. Hence the impacts are in wide way; my innovation is beneficiary to the whole community.

  • Save Environment
  • Increase farmer’s income
  • Creating employments to unemployed youth
  • Save our health providing safe agro products
  • Save mother earth from poisons

Another object of the invention is to provide herbal compositions containing one or more plant essential oils and derivatives of natural or synthetic, as a contact or fumigant pesticide. Further, the herbal composition, shown to be harmless to humans and is eco-friendly, is also used as bio-fertilizer, fungicide, soil enhancer and soil binder’. It is a further object to provide safe, non-toxic compositions and method that will not adversely affect crops, humans or the environment. It is still another object to provide compositions and method that can be applied without burdensome safety precautions. It is still another object to provide compositions and method as described above which can be inexpensively produced or employed. Yet another object of the invention is to provide a method of use of the herbal formulation of the present Invention. Additional objects and attendant advantages of the present invention will be set forth, in part, in the description that follows, or may be learned from practicing or using the present invention. The objects and advantages may be realized and attained by means of the instrumentalities and combinations particularly recited in the appended claims.

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