Foodgrain Productivity vs Nutrient Consumption


A primary object of the present invention is to provide multi-utility herbal composition particularly for control and prevention of agricultural pests and insects. The main object is that for this innovation is aimed to improve quality of soil, because while using high analysis chemical inputs our soil is going to be ‘dead’ we can see that natural organism of soil is badly disturbed, organic carbon ratio is very low, as example organic carbon in Haryana, Punjab and other states is very low-it is about 0.2%, it is the alarm, warning to our said scientist who are favoring and recommending chemically inputs to our farmers. So we tried in this way to increase natural organic carbon in soil. Our leading product kamaal – clamp is best source of organic carbon, it contains above 45% organic carbon.Free from ARSENIC etc. contains many other micro nutrients,it means that it is complete solution for safe farming

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Nutrient Response Ratio.

 This chart shows the nutrient response ratio v/s food grain productivity

 Also shows degradation of our fertile soil. It is alarm for all of us.

Nutrient Response Ration : the ratio of food grain productivity to nutrient consumption.
From 14.06 in 1990-91 to 8.59 in 2010-11, this reflects poor soil health management.
This study only reveals what most knew for a long time – organic farming and use of
organic fertilisers is better for soil and improves soil health.

P P Biswas, principal scientist (soils) at the Indian Council of Agricultural Research,
feels the neglect of organic material is leading to this degradation, and the only
key to fix this problem was to use organic fertiliser. “With the reduction in use of
organic manure, nutrients like zinc, boron and sulphur have become increasingly
deficient. The use of organic manure will automatically improve the composition
of these secondary and micro nutrients” he said, “These days, you do not even find
earthworms in the soil. That proves the physical as well as biological deterioration
of soil health.”

Policy change by Government of India is the only way this can be implemented.