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News:- It is another good news for our all respected customers that we will introduce shortly our product “KAMAAL-CLAMP” with new innovated technology, adding other herbs etc. First phase of Research and field trials done with collaboration  of Syngenta Foundation. Will inform you when it launched.  See report here-


Evalaution Report-  Evaluation Report By Punjab Agricultural University,Ludhiana,Punjab


we are committed to make our earth poison free it need your help and cooperation,

ARABLE by farmer for farmers!  World’s first Research Laboratory by a Farmer-Scientist

About our leading product KAMAAL – CLAMP:

KLAMP is formulated with help of few herbs, natural plants and agricultural crops waste material so it contains few nutrients value need for crops, it found helpful to improve soil quality, bacterial activity in the soil. As field trials found that it able to break hard pan of soil that is created by excessive usage  of High Analysis fertilizers. It increase water intake and stability power in soil.क्लैम्प कुदरती जड़ी बूटियों कृषि फसलो के अवशेषों के कषाय अवम पावडर का  संयोंजन है, और आयुर्वेद के तरीको से बनाया गया है.सो इसमें कई पोषक तत्व भी पाए जाते है.यह भूमि में प्राक्रतिक क्रियाओं के संचालन में सहायक पाया गया है. उर्वरको आदि के अति-उपयोग से भूमि की कठोर हो चुकी परत को तोड़ने व् भूमि में पानी सोखने व् नमी बनाये रखने में भी सहायक पाया गया है. जड़ो को मजबूत करता है इससे वह भूमि से ज्यादा खुराक ले कर  पोधों को उपलब्ध करवा सकती है,

Obtained Extract from selected Herbs,plants

Mixed with powder of mix herbs/Agricultural crops waste. No Silica, sand or bentonite type material are used. Weight, properties, percentage or quantity shown here may vary after packing due to self reaction of herb’s extract, atmospherically effects,temperature of store and moisture decreasing .
As you know that unbalanced use of harmful Insecticides, fertilizers etc disturbed the natural protection system of plants, degradation of fertile soil.

       So we feel the need of safe formulation that can increase the natural protection system in plants. Maintain soil fertility, less use of high analysis synthetic/toxic       chemicals, less expenses, high yield. And to save our mother earth…

Main theme of our invention is providing plant to plant protection system, to supply required energy to the plants which helps them in activating their own growth and defense system. All these system work on broad spectrum base, meaning plants have a non specific response. Thus we achieve balanced growth in plants having a known case of defense system, it is on it works against every external threat to plant irrespective of specific problem are non toxic and eco-friendly, when applied our products in soil or spray it starts fast activity, create growth of farm friendly bacterial activity, converting nitrogen in nitrate form so that plant will take it easily, enter in to plant body [ even when sprayed] through various openings. They reach every part of the plant, this help plant in producing the required enzymes and other essential substance for complete metabolic activities. The quantity and time determined by the plant by understanding their own needs. This help in achieving the natural growth of plant without exhausting them.

The effects are long lasting. Various products in this entire therapy work right from roots to fruits/grain etc. And can be used from seed treatment to harvesting stage.Good Crop in Salty Water

Our philosophy is different from other manufacturer, as they offer many products desperately for various problems, but we tried to give many solution in one project, so farmer need no to purchase many products.

Kamaal Clamp [super] – A unique/multi utility product for all crops,vegetables,fruit trees,even for Kitchen Gardening..

As the farmers and sellers says that this is a “multi-utility invention.” It is a combination of various solutions for safe farming. As it is very good growth promoter, you can say it is first product that is not included any chemicals as nitrobenzine, trycontanole, sea weed Gel, amino acid,Humic acid etc. This is made from natural plants, herbs, oil, extracts etc. no any filler is added as you can see all other said growth promoters are coating nitro. Amino, see weed Gel etc on unusable things [BANTONITE ETC] only for weight and showing granular shape. KamaalClamp contains 100% active ingredients.

So it acts much kind as growth promoter, soil  treatment, fungicide, termicide. It is first product that improve soil fertility, increase water intake and water stability power in soil.Kamaal-Clamp is only product that able to break hard pan/bed of Soil.

Gives long lasting results, enter in the body of plant and start fast biological activity in soil. It is good source of organic carbon and other micro nutrients. Less need of water, fertilizers etc.

Dose- Please go to Product Page for full details.

Note :- Kamaal – Clamp is evaluated by Punjab Agriculture University – Ludhiana and SGS LABORATORY
The Most Awarded technology 

Natural Plant Food


We also formulated a unique product for kitchen gardening,pure natural with herbs,natural oils,extract etc for your pots,lawns,garden etc.Safe to user,environment etc,no side effects.  It is very good products used and tested by thousands houses all over country,Require very less quantity per pot.Prevent your garden,flowers,lawn etc from termites,soil fungus,good growth,shining flowers,fruits with extra test etc.at very low cost.               Dose :- 25-30 Gms per pot or one square feet area.Simple method of usage,Mix in soil,fill water.

Available economy pack-01 Kgms       

No side effect to users, crops, air, environment etc.                                                



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