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Arable is established by two farmer brothers,Sunil Kumar and Susheel Kumar Based on self research products in guidance of famous Innovator Sh.Ishwar Singh Kundu

About Us:- Note:We observed that Bio-Organic words are using by some companies to misguide Farmers.We do not say or use these words we only claimed that our invented products are effective when compare with synthetic or poisonous inputs.We used selected herbs,plants their extarct,asv,ark,oils etc.

Watch this video showing best results of Indian Technology in sugarcane crop-Amazing about 16 feet high and hope yield may be touch to 60000 [Claimed by Farmer] Kgms per acre.

पक्षी भी वाही रहना पसंद करते है,जहा वो खुद को सुरक्षित महसूस करे. कृषिको के कार्यालय में.मोर.

पक्षी भी वही रहना पसंद करते है,जहा वो खुद को सुरक्षित महसूस करे. 


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Best Crop in Salty Water.

Best Crop in Salty Water. We proved practically that our products are best in place of Synthetic/ poisonous inputs that are most recomended by Universities, Scientists etc.

A complete precurement agains t all deseases

We given complete solution to Kinnu [Orange/citrus family] Growers/Farm

 Arable is founded by two farmer scientist in guidance of Ishwar Singh Kundu. He is an innovative farmer. Since 1988 to 1995 he was involved in trading of pesticides/insecticides, while doing this business he feel that the poison based inputs we are selling to farmers are badly effected to our fertile soil and whole environment, caused many incurable diseases. Since last few years I noted a trend for organic farming.Attend many seminars etc organized by some NGO’S etc and found that lectures are not able to convert farmers to Organic Farming,because farmers is using pesticides etc since last 45 years..how only lectures can change his mindset..I worked for long between farmers community..after observations I feel that he need proper knowledge with inputs..He want to leave poisonous inputs..but it need solution in the shape of Products..I also noted that we have to work to replace poisonous inputs with Natural Plants based products.And am satisfy that this is working well..we are replacing poisonous input/products with our invented products.

Krishico-In ChatisGarh working between farmers

Arable-In ChatisGarh working between farmers

We not only selling products,also giving training to farmers,so that they can prepare his o

We not only selling products,also giving training to farmers,so that they can prepare their own product at his farmside.  

Open Discussion with farmers at Huckka-Chopal

Open Discussion with farmers at Huckka-Chopal

Haryana is famous for Basmati Rice, but in this crop a pest name black hopper destroyed farmer’s crop, he spent about Rs.4000-5000 to save his crops, Our farmers spent only Rs.500/- and there is no black hopper or other disease is found where our KAMAAL products were used. Hence farmer harvest healthy crop, low cost, high yield more income, Thanks God and well wishers that we succeed.

         A train from Bhatinda,Punjab state to Bikaner Rajsthan state namedCancer train.Because the farmers of this area encouraged by scientists,universities,companies to use more insecticides,pesticides—as results this area is a Breading Home for Cancer

      The so called “GREEN REVOLUTION” that started in 50s and 60s introduced more productivity in wheat and rice and relied on high level of synthetic fertilizers and insecticides, While using these inputs we can see the bad effects includes land degradation, soil become salty, many harmful heavy metals are mixed in drinking water sources, grain, vegetables etc. even milk of mother is not safe. Our government,officials,scientists completaly ignored Natural,Indian technology,results are here-degrading of soil,polluted water,air,whole eco-system.And now we must think again about Indian Farming Technologies.It is time to send away imported and harmfull technologies,products from our country… 

  So Arable start to find solution to send away these inputs…Now we can say that we have complete solution in place of poisnous agro-inputs.

When farmers tried our invented products at their farms/crops.. they said – “KAMAAL HAI-MEAN WONDERFULL”

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